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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

- Arthur C Clarke

We are nobodies - that want to be somebodies. Somebodies who would contribute to building the future and make this world - more advanced, connected and safer. Kooki was started with a singular vision - making stuff smarter. By making things smarter, we want to contribute making this world to be a connected and safer place.

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Aditya Kamatar

Anup Naik

Sharat Kulkarni

Shashank Revankar

Sudeep Nayak

Sugam Sharma

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Kooki is a startup developing AI technology for IoT devices. Kooki AI engine integrates speech recogntion and NLP in regional Indian languages. Kooki AI engine will be first used in a smart control device called - Gravity, which completely revolutionize the way smart home technology works and TV is watched in India.