Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the science of how to get machines to do the things they do in the movies.

- Eric Teller (AI scientist at Google X)

Our take on AI

Artificial Intelligence is the way with which we will reach the future faster than previously imagined. And this AI need not be embedded in a single platform such as Smartphone or Cloud. AI can be, and will be everywhere. Internet connected devices of future (Internet-of-Things) will be capable of being intelligent without relying on other devices. This is when AI will truly become mainstream and every thing around us will be truly smart.

What are we building

An AI engine which will make IoT devices smart. The primary feature of any AI system is understanding commands given by humans, popularly known as Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This command given by humans, may not necessarily be in English. And this why we are building an AI engine that is capable of understanding any language. After understanding multiple languages, this AI engine will drive devices which we perform meaningful actions.

AI Engine Home

Kooki Logo

Kooki is a startup developing AI technology for IoT devices. Kooki AI engine integrates speech recogntion and NLP in regional Indian languages. Kooki AI engine will be first used in a smart control device called - Gravity, which completely revolutionize the way smart home technology works and TV is watched in India.