A new dimension of interaction with your car.

BluKooki is smart, if it senses you walking away from it, it locks the car automatically. And if you come back hugging, it unlocks the car and paves the way. It makes you a little lazy. But we are sure you won't mind.



e-Key Share

Share you car keys with friends & family

With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can securely share access to your car with friends & family. But more importantly, revoking their access is also simple. Because you are the master of your car.



Special Rewards

Use BluKooki. Get Rewarded

BluKooki will help you get the most out of your car. With consistent use of BluKooki, you will get exciting coupons. These coupons will get you discounts for your purchases at places such as Domino's, Pizza Hut, KFC, and AskMeBazaar. FYI we have coupons from more than 400 brands.

Magic Mode

Key Sharing


How it works


The only requirement for BluKooki to work is a central locking system. If your car has it, BluKooki will work.

Yes. Even if you have a remote locking system in car, BluKooki will fit in. We will try to wire BluKooki so that both your systems work simultaneously.

You need not worry. We are there for you. Our technician will install BluKooki in your car, at time & location of your choice. And now we have this service all over India.

For now, BluKooki app will only be available for Android phones. If your phone has Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) or higher, it will work.
Apps for iPhone & Windows Phone will be rolled out soon. You can download our app on Google Play below.

Android app on Google Play

Great! We would love to sell BluKooki via your store. Just send an email with your contact details to

BluKooki will ship with a two-year replacement warranty. This means no wait for repairs. Something goes wrong, you get a new piece instantly.

BluKooki is currently out of stock. It will soon be available online, and with your nearest dealer


We know we can't put a price on something this wonderful,
but we try.

BluKooki is currently out of stock !

Kooki Logo

Kooki is a startup developing AI technology for IoT devices. Kooki AI engine integrates speech recogntion and NLP in regional Indian languages. Kooki AI engine will be first used in a smart control device called - Gravity, which completely revolutionize the way smart home technology works and TV is watched in India.