CarBeat - A Connected Car device

CarBeat is a state-of-the-art location tracking solution for your car. After easy plug-n-play installation of CarBeat you can track your Car 24x7x365. CarBeat uses advanced GPS and can connect to Internet. So where ever your car is, with CarBeat you can easily locate it on your phone. Enjoy free Life Time location tracking of your car. Any charges incurred for Internet usage on CarBeat, is taken care of by us at Kooki.

Additionally CarBeat can give you real time updates about your driving behaviour, Engine Diagnostics which will not only help improve your mileage but also reduce maintenance costs in turn saving your money.


Free GPS Tracking (SIM card included)

Expert Tips by Karun Chandhok

Custom Reports for Trips

Driver Scoring with Social Network

Engine Health Report*

Instant Alerts - Over Speeding/ Engine / Crash / Location*

Free GPS tracking for lifetime

No monthly/yearly charges. SIM card provided

CarBeat enables GPS tracking on your car and comes with a SIM included. And for knowing where your car is all the time, you don't have to pay any subscription charges. The data pack on SIM card is taken care by us. For lifetime. Because it is your car, and you should be able to know where it is anytime you want.

Expert Tips from Karun Chandhok

Knowledge and experience of F1 racer, at your fingertips

Karun is one among the only two Indians who raced in the Formula 1. With CarBeat, get regular tips and suggestions from Karun on driving safer, better and efficiently. Watch a CarBeat exclusive video of Karun talking about his experience of driving in Formula 1 - Click Here

Driver Rewards

Driving is always fun, now get rewarded with coupons

With CarBeat, you get rewards as you drive. Complete milestones and you will get exciting coupons. These coupons will get you discounts for your purchases at places such as Domino's, Pizza Hut, KFC, and AskMeBazaar. We have coupons of over 400 brands.

Social Network for Cars - and Friends

Wonderful things can happen when Cars talk to each other

With state of the are technology in CarBeat, each car can directly send messages to others car on the network. These messages can be traffic updates or achievements such as fuel efficiency. Your friends who have CarBeat, will directly show up on your feed in the app. You can always compare your driving with your friends, to know who drives better.

CarBeat Club

The following features come as a part of CarBeat Club membership. And they make the best use of data generated in your car.


Engine Health Overview

Engine is the heart of your car. CarBeat is a heart diagnostician

Your car engine is rigged with thousands of sensors. Even a slight error in engine parameters is logged in your car's computer. CarBeat is like a diagnostician who reads all these parameters and gives you a comprehensive report on the CarBeat app. Of course when you have all this information, it will be easier for you to take decision on car servicing and repairs. CarBeat will help you understand what your car technician is not telling you.

Instant Crash & Emergency Alerts

Don't lose time in case of emergency

CarBeat has built in crash detection, and in case of a crash your CarBeat contacts the people on your emergency list up to 5 people sending them your exact location so that they can help you. All this without any help of your phone.

CarBeat also allows you to set custom alerts such as speed and location. This means you will get alerts on your CarBeat app when your car crosses a particular speed or goes out of a particular location.

Save on Fuel

CarBeat's fuel analysis helps you improve efficiency

With algorithms to detect consumption of fuel, CarBeat keeps track of fuel being used by your car. This algorithm improves overtime as your drive more with CarBeat installed. With CarBeat, you can compare your car's performance in leaderboards. There you will also see the maximum fuel efficiency achieved by a car like yours.

In CarBeat app, you will be automatically notified to enter your fuel expense when you fill fuel at a fuel station.



Buy CarBeat at ₹ 5,990 before June 31, 2017 and get,
Free CarBeat Club membership for 30 days

CarBeat Club

CarBeat Device


₹ 129/month Membership

  • Live Car Tracking for lifetime
  • Follow me (Coordinate trips)
  • Daily Trips Information
  • Driver Rewards
  • Social feed from Car and Friends
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Car Engine Health Analysis
  • Emergency & Crash Alerts
CarBeat Club membership can be activated or deactivated any time. Whether you are a CarBeat Club member or not, GPS location tracking of your car will always be available to you, free of cost



If your car is manufactured after the year 2008, CarBeat will work.
Yes, it's really free. You get lifetime of tracking free of cost. No hidden charges what so ever.
It's very simple. CarBeat plugs into your OBD-II port which usually is located under your car's dashboard. It's simple as plugging in a USB into laptop
For now, CarBeat app will only be available for Android phones. If your phone has Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) or higher, it will work.
Apps for iPhone & Windows Phone will be rolled out soon.
Great! We would love to sell CarBeat via your store. Just send an email with your contact details to
Yes, you can subscribe to CarBeat Club Membership by paying Rs 129/ month for as long as you need it.
CarBeat Club Membership includes all the features of CarBeat plus it gives you more advanced features for Rs 129 monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime.
CarBeat will ship with a two-year replacement warranty. This means no wait for repairs. Something goes wrong, you get a new piece instantly.
CarBeat will launch shortly on Amazon.

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